Ehab El Mallah, founder of UAE’s new fashion e-retailer introduced the idea of a ‘virtual fitting room’ to help its shoppers avoid the trouble of returning their online purchases due to uncomfortable or incorrect fitting. allows shoppers to do so in three simple steps:

  1. Select clothing item
  2. Input physical measurements
  3. Smart sizing tool applies measurements to chosen item

The system ranks the fitting for the selected clothing item from 0 (very bad fit) to 10 (perfect fit) allowing it to recommend the correct fitting and size to the shopper.

This idea was launched with the hope to enhance customer experience and eradicate the inconvenience and frustration they face, but mainly, to reduce returns and be able to satisfy shoppers by helping them achieve their desired fitting with every purchase. 

Taking into consideration the current pandemic, the launch of the smart sizing tool appears to be especially accurate by giving shoppers the option to skip trying item in stores, hence, reducing the risk of getting infected by the virus or passing it onto others.

Source: WKND, 2020 (