Health and fitness are becoming increasingly important to majority of the population, especially during the ongoing pandemic where work-from-home has given people plenty of time to focus on their health. Naturally, a lot of us were disheartened by the shutting down of gyms, but now that their opening up again surely most of us are eager to get back to our routine.

However, with COVID-19 still pretty active, you need to take safety precautions before and after visiting the gym.

Dubai Health Authority recently released guidelines for gym operators and their customers.

DHA guidelines for gym operators:

  • Follow certified regulations for maximum capacity and ages
  • Display necessary precautionary measures and information across the gym
  • Carry out regular disinfection of gym and machines
  • Equip gyms with adequate amount of sanitizers
  • Maintain two meters distance between machines
  • Shut down common areas like saunas, changing rooms, jacuzzies, etc.
  • Take customers’ and employees’ temperature at the entrance and ensure they have no symptoms

DHA guidelines for gym customers:

  1. Stay at home if you have any symptoms
  2. Always exercise social distancing
  3. Carry your own water and towel and do not share these with others
  4. Conform to all safety measures like frequent hand sanitization and refrain from touching any surfaces
  5. Ensure appropriate use of face masks during exercises
  6. Sanitize gym equipment and machine before using them
  7. Practice safety procedures before entering your home
  8. Follow precautionary measures for safe home entry when you go back home after gym
  9. Keep track of latest guidelines and rules