The reckless actions of one human being puts 45 others’ lives in danger. 

A COVID-positive UAE resident acts irresponsibly by disregarding safety precautions and attending a gathering involving three families. His negligent behavior caused the virus to spread across all the guests and even resulted in the death of one relative.

Official spokesperson for the UAE Government, Dr Omar Al Hammadi said, “The relative who died was in her 90s who had multiple underlying medical conditions, including leukaemia, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Due to these, she had an underlying deficiency in her immune system. After she was infected, she was admitted to the intensive care unit, where she passed away.”

Any sensible individual must know to put the lives of their loved ones first, especially when it comes to their health and safety. The UAE Government greatly suggests individuals to follow the safety measures and encourages them to be extremely cautious to avoid putting others’ lives at risk and avoiding such situations.

Source: Reporter, 2020 (