Dubai Metro first started its operations on 09/09/2009 at 09:09:09PM, and 11 years later it remains the most popular mode of transport for the people of this city. 

Dubai Metro for us, holds a lot of memories since we spent most of our school and university years travelling by the Metro. On the occasion of its 11th birthday, here are 11 situations we all can relate to and why we all love Dubai Metro as much as we do!

  1. It’s the best and cheapest mode of transport for everyone
  2. It’s very fast and efficient compared to other public transport methods, and always helps us beat rush hour
  3. It frees us from the stress of driving and parking tickets
  4. It’s extremely safe and convenient for both residents and tourists
  5. It’s clean and well maintained with high quality standards
  6. It has definitely helped most of us to catch up on our sleep after a busy day at work, school or university
  7. We all have pretended to be the driver at least once by riding in the first cabin
  8. The thrill of recharging your NOL card at the last minute and still catching the train in time
  9. The tingling feeling we got when the conductor came through to check our NOL cards – even when you have done nothing wrong – because they scare the living hell out of you
  10. Secretly eating or drinking something, or even chewing gum and being scared to death about getting a fine
  11. And last but not the least, AL ABUAABU TUGLAQ!