It’s all about self-love nowadays. These body positive influencers deserve some love for reminding us that we are beautiful no matter what!

It’s easy to confuse body positivity with encouraging obesity and unhealthy habits, but really body positivity is just a term used to say that it’s okay for us to be different, it’s okay for us to have our flaws, it’s okay for us to have our own shapes and sizes, it’s okay for us to believe that we deserve the same love and happiness as others.

Here are Middle East’s top body positive influencers that will make you learn to love yourself again!

  1. Waleed Shah is a commercial photographer who captures the truth. He shows us the beauty in what we would normally perceive “ugly”. He uses his passion of photography to portray ugly as beautiful, abnormal as normal, uncomfortable as comfortable, cringy as breath-taking. His #RockYourUgly collection shares a powerful message of body positivity and we are all here for it!
  1. Danae Mercer is the realest of them all! She reminds us that not everyone is perfect and that we don’t have to be perfect 24/7. She makes flaws seem normal and doesn’t hesitate to voice her thoughts.
  1. Ameni Esseibi is a huge inspiration to women in the Middle East for being the first curvy model in the region. She does not shy away from the cameras even when they capture her stretch marks. She reminds us all that we don’t need Photoshop to look perfect and beautiful or and that everyone can rock that summer bod’ no matter their flaws.
  1. Shahad Salman is one of the most inspirational women us all, especially to people with vitiligo. She confidently displays her skin condition and does not back away from following her dreams because of it. She did not let her skin stop her from modelling for the biggest luxury brands and other beauty and fashion brands.

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